Claire McCartan
Certified Exercise Coach

Claire has just completed her degree in Kinesiology at the U of M, and is bringing her talents, knowledge, and positive attitude to our studio full time.  Claire knows how to make anyone's day, and is a motivating, encouraging coach who truly enjoys working with each client. 
Favorite Exercise: 360 and Pull Down

Suzanne Anderson
Studio Manager, Coach

I treat every client as if they are family. I love being able to motivate and encourage clients to give their best during their sessions and then hear that they are noticing a difference! To know that I played a role in helping them be a better person physically and metabolically, is one of the most rewarding feelings I have experienced! I feel honored and blessed to be able to partner with clients to give their body what it needs no matter what age so that they can be at the top of their game!
When I’m not working part-time at The Exercise Coach, I am either coaching others on how to be the best leader in their own personal life, spending quality time with my daughter or dog sitting.
Favorite Exercise: The Leg Press – it works 50% of the muscles in the body! Now that’s efficient!

Jessica Nagel
Certified Exercise Coach

Jessica is a recent grad majoring in Kinesiology, and we are blessed to have her at our studio until the end of May, when she will be going on to grad school to study clinical exercise.  Jessica is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and will give you an amazing workout each and every time.
Favorite Exercise: Crossfire

Amy and Jesse Hudson

Studio Owners

The Exercise Coach has been an integral part of our lives for many years.  We have both worked as part of the corporate team since 2011, and, after moving to the Twin Cities in 2-15, decided to open a location of our own to bring this wonderful fitness solution to Minnesota.  We have 3 daughters, and live right here in Eden Prairie.  We hope that everyone who comes into The Exercise Coach not only feels empowered to take control of their fitness and health, but also has a great time doing it.

Amy's Favorite Exercise: Leg Press
Jesse's Favorite Exercise: Crossfire

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