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Everybody wants to look and feel their best and we all know exercise is essential for weight loss, healthy living, and peak performance. The challenge for most people is finding a workout strategy they can stick with.


That why our founders created a time-efficient, data-driven workout. Our coaches use a 20-minute workout method powered by proprietary technology. Using this industry leading technology they measure our client’s capabilities, motivate ideal effort, and manage successful personal fitness transformation.

Smart 20-Minute Workouts Perfectly Personalized for You

How is it possible to get great results from a 20-minute workout? It’s a matter of quality vs. quantity. The Exercise Coach fitness franchise in Eden Prairie is the area’s only training studio powered by Exerbotics Connected Fitness technology. Our tech-enabled training method uses scientifically customized strength and interval training. Our technology adapts to abilities of any individual and is proven to be more effective than long-duration workout techniques.


Our clients enjoy results that include:


Losing weight
Lowering blood pressure & cholesterol
Boosting your metabolism
Improving endurance
Increasing bone density
And much more!

We would love to hear from you about your health and fitness aspirations. Whether you are new to fitness or need some next level training we would love to help you achieve what matters most to you.

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