Are You Exercising At The Right Intensity?

All exercise is NOT created equal.  Exercise has to force the body to make a positive adaptation. These positive adaptations include increased bone mineral density, improved metabolic function, strength gains, weight loss, balanced hormonal levels, and more.   The truth is that walking and other weight bearing activity like jogging does NOT stimulate these improvements.  Read More


Why Muscle Matters

Do you want to age well?  For many of us, as the years pass, our bodies tend to feel weaker, less resilient, more prone to injury, and just not the same as they used to feel.  There is a problem we all face that causes this decline.  It's called Sarcopenia. Read More


The Effects of Exercise: Why It’s Never Too Late to (re)Start

No matter the justification or rationalization to put off exercising, the benefits of simply beginning an exercise program can be realized right away. Performing just one single bout of exercise triggers a cascade of hormonal, cardiovascular, physiological, neurological, endocrinological and biological benefits. Read More


Mastering Your Strength Training Intensity for Excellent Fitness Results

It’s certainly no secret that strength training is highly recommended. Research shows that strength training improves muscular strength, endurance, bone density, metabolism, joint stability, cardiovascular health, and many other things. With so many positive benefits available, why wouldn't we want to strength train? Read More


What is the Metabolic Comeback?

It’s that time of year again and if you’re like most, you may be stressing a bit about the complexities of the season. Part of that complexity for some people is figuring out how to make the New Year better than the last from a health and fitness standpoint. Well, if that sounds familiar, let me make it easier for you by sharing our simple wellness and weight loss solution called The Metabolic Comeback™. Read More



Experience The Metabolic Comeback™ at The Exercise Coach The quest for fat loss has challenged people for years on end. We have proven solution, The Metabolic Comeback™. The Metabolic Comeback™ is designed to improve your health resulting in the loss of fat. Read More



Welcome to our continuing blog series all about the impact that Muscle Quality has on many areas of your overall health. One area which is of special concern to many of us is Osteoporosis. This article, along with our last post, Muscle Quality and Osteoporosis, aim to explain how improving Muscle Quality through strength training can improve your bone density and decrease your risk for developing Osteoporosis. Read More



Welcome to our continuing blog series all about the impact that Muscle Quality has on many areas of your overall health. Be sure to check out the other articles in this series: Muscle Quality: Improving It Will Change Your Life, Muscle Quality and the Neurological System: Part 1, Muscle Quality and the Neurological System: Part 2, Muscle Quality and Fat Loss, Muscle Quality and Cardio, and our most recent, Muscle Quality and Cardiovascular Health. Read More



Whether you find yourself reading this because you’ve been coming to The Exercise Coach® for years, you’ve recently started, or are contemplating starting a program, the truth is that you are investing in your most precious commodity: your health. It’s easy for us to find excuses, distractions or to prioritize other things in life, but YOU have decided to take control of your health and you should be proud and excited about your decision. Like anything else, there will be days when you wonder if the time, the workouts, and the investment are worth it. Rest assured, they are. And your body is reaping the benefits. Read More



If you are a personal training client at The Exercise Coach you have no doubt heard our mantra - “Muscle Quality matters more than Movement Quantity.” For those of you who are unfamiliar with us, our focus is on the science which proves muscle is your primary biomarker. This science shows that your muscle’s functionality impacts not only your fitness but also your health and longevity. Guided by this paradigm, it’s our passion to inspire the not-yet-fit to take action and enjoy strength. Read More


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