How the Combination of Good Diet and Exercise Unleashes Tons of Positive Benefits For You

What happens in your body when you combine whole-effort exercise with whole-effort nutrition? You get a whole-new you! Check out all of the positive outcomes unleashed in your body when you make positive changes towards regular, meaningful and appropriately challenging exercise + a diet full of whole-foods. Read More


The Effect of Trigger Foods and How to Avoid Them

Trigger foods are those that when eaten make you crave more or cause you to eat more. These foods are generally eaten out of habit, not hunger. Your trigger food(s) is something you probably feel addicted to and is likely high-calorie, processed and filled with junk carbs. Here is a plan is to identify your trigger foods and replace them with whole-food substitutions. Read More


Mastering Your Strength Training Intensity for Excellent Fitness Results

It’s certainly no secret that strength training is highly recommended. Research shows that strength training improves muscular strength, endurance, bone density, metabolism, joint stability, cardiovascular health, and many other things. With so many positive benefits available, why wouldn't we want to strength train? Read More


The 30-Day Challenge: Believe in The Plan, Believe in You.

Looking for more energy and strength, better sleep, decreased aches/pains, weight loss and overall better health? Fed up with fad diets, tired of ingesting gimmicky shakes and supplements, and done with calorie counting and starving yourself with the hope of looking and feeling better only to be disappointed with the results? Read More


Lose 5% of your body weight and feel like a million bucks

There are not too many things that feel as good as making real progress. The simple act of checking something off of your to-do list creates real changes in brain physiology that make the practice downright addictive. This dopamine release in response to task completion has been called the “jackpot” effect. Our brains feel really good when we achieve. Now, we know from medical research that we should apply a similar approach to weight loss. Researchers have determined that a relatively “small win” has huge health implications. Read More


Why Transforming Your Health Transforms Your Waistline

What if instead of formulating a weight loss game plan around losing fat, the process revolved around being healthy? What if the process was based on how the food we eat and the exercise we perform positively influenced our hormones, metabolism, stress levels, and health issues? If so, wouldn’t fat loss be a nice side affect among many other great health benefits? Read More


7 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

So, you want to be slimmer and tone your body but your weight just won’t budge. There are few things more frustrating than that. Consider the following 7 “Weight Loss Limiters” and discover what could be squelching your results. Read More


It’s More Than Weight Loss: How Changing Your Diet Changes You for the Better

Let’s be honest. When many of us get fed up with our health, and we really want to lose that extra weight, we look to a change in diet to help us get there. However, when many of us finally achieve the desired result, we stop eating differently and that weight comes right back on. It’s time to stop thinking about food as allowed or not allowed in order for us to look and feel how we want to feel. Changing our diet is about more than just weight loss. Changing the way you think about food and paying attention to those health and lifestyle improvements that come with cleaning up your nutritional act can help you to adopt a sustainable way of eating, that allows you to enjoy your life and feel good. Read More


The Conundrum of Calories: Why Weight Loss is Not As Simple As Calories In / Calories Out

For years healthcare professionals pushed the idea that weight loss was as simple as eating less and exercising more. However, our body’s unique response to various types of calories means we can’t rely solely on the quantity of calories we consume, but instead must rely on the type and the quality. Here are 6 Reasons All Calories are NOT Created Equal . . . Read More


What is the Metabolic Comeback?

It’s that time of year again and if you’re like most, you may be stressing a bit about the complexities of the season. Part of that complexity for some people is figuring out how to make the New Year better than the last from a health and fitness standpoint. Well, if that sounds familiar, let me make it easier for you by sharing our simple wellness and weight loss solution called The Metabolic Comeback™. Read More


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